Performance Audit & Tuning

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Find the Source of Your WordPress Slowness

Slow website is turning your visitors away? We provide Performance Audit to track down what causes your WordPress website to be slow and provide solutions to speed it up!

WordPress Expert

We have extensive experience with WordPress since 2011 and we have helped perform Performance Audits on countless of WordPress websites.

Quick Turnaround Time

We aim to identify the slowness of your website as quickly as possible. For clear cut cases we can complete your audit report in as little as 24 hours while complex cases can take up to a week.

Clear Communications

We aim to understand your situations before the Performance Audit and Tuning. We will also keep you in the loop throughout the audit process so you know what is going on and how long it is expected to take.


Performance Audit & Tuning



  • One WordPress Website
  • Performance Audit
  • Performance Tuning
  • Before & After Speed Tests
  • Detailed Optimization Report
  • FREE 1 Month Website Care Advanced
  • FREE 1 Month WordPress Cloud Hosting
  • FREE Super Fast LiteSpeed Cache
  • Optional Surcharge for Additional Websites or WordPress Multisite